The souq is the beloved marketplace of the Middle East. Abundant with life, it is a cross-roads where shopping, work and leisure coexist in joyful harmony. Doha Souq is the souq experience for the 21st century are interpretation of the entrepreneurial spirit, community and camaraderie in a stunning contemporary, spacious setting. With its wide variety of stores, and popular food outlets, it is very attractive to local shoppers and a destination for families and friends to meet and enjoy relaxed time together.

Businesses can share in the bustling atmosphere of the souq from the tranquility of their contemporary office space. They too can enjoy the broad selection of goods available and the variety of food and drink outlets, just on their doorsteps.

Why go elsewhere when all you need is here?

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Doha Souq is not merely a shopping destination, but an experience of vibrant comfort in itself. Situated in the heart of Doha, the mall has redefined the modern shopping experience in Qatar. It hosts world-class attractions and successfully positions itself as a popular host for various local, cultural and promotional activities.

Qatar is a country of contrasts – the most modern architectural cityscapes nestle alongside traditional Arab backdrops. The Souq is a quintessential part of the Qatari soul – a traditional market and workplace which is a melting pot of cultures and influences. Alongside their love of the traditional, Qatari residents of all kinds, love contemporary elegance and modern facilities. This is a country where the traditional living concepts can be reinterpreted and re-energized.